With his hero Stan Freberg as his role model, Grant has worked hard on his voice-over talents over the years. He has starred as several characters in the award winning podcast The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd and done voice-overs for The Jim Henson Company, FuelTV and several radio stations. He’s done voice work alongside Stan Freberg, June Foray, Jeffrey Tambor, Don Novello, Frank Conniff, Joel Hodgson, Chuck McCann and others.

WILSON & DITCH: DIGGING AMERICA PODCASTS – Announcer – The Jim Henson Company
THE JIM HENSON COMPANY PODCAST – Host – The Jim Henson Company
LOW TIDE – Friz/Others – FeulTV
PITTA PATTA MOTTA – Chuzo/Roscoe/Various – True Light Entertainment
SCI-FI UNITED – Announcer – Tokyo Pop
IGGY COOL – Iggy Cool & Others – Kevin O’Donnell – Director – True Light Entertainment
RADIO ADVENTURES OF DR. FLOYD – Dr. Grant, Dr. Steve & Others – Doug Price – Director
AUDITION TV – Announcer – H2F Productions
BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS – The Devil/Clerk – Hot Waffles Music
BYE BYE BIRDIE – Ed Sullivan – Burlingame High School
DON BLEU SHOW – Announcer – K-101 Radio, San Francisco
TASTE OF THE TOWN PSA – The President – Magic-61 Radio, San Francisco