Since 2004, Grant Baciocco. has created quality entertainment for the internet.  In 2018, he was inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame for his groundbreaking work on show such as The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, Under The Puppet, The Podcast for The Jim Henson Company.  He also created Toiley T. Paper, a talking roll of toilet paper with over 3 Million followers on TikTok, 235k on Instagram and several sold out live shows at the Hollywood and Orlando Fringe festivals.


The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd (Podcast)
Groundbreaking family friendly podcast.

Under the Puppet

Under The Puppet (Podcast)
Preserving puppetry through the personal stories of professional puppeteers.


Toiley T. Paper (Internet Celebrity)
3 Million followers on TikTok.
Regular live and streaming shows.


The Tales of Deputy Guppy (Podcast)
Underwater adventures in the old west.


Mysterious Mysteries of Toby Taylor The Fruit Magician (Podcast)
Toby Taylor and his sister Rebecca unravel mysteries wherever they go!


Attraction Checklist (Podcast)
One fan's quest to ride and review every attraction at the Disney Theme Parks.