Official Bio.

Grant Baciocco is a content creator and performer who is on the forefront of all things new media.  Back in 2004 he created the popular, family friendly podcast The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd which went on to release over 150 episodes and garnered awards and praise from iTunes, SPIN Magazine and TiVo to name a few.  He then went on to work for the Jim Henson Company as the creator, producer and host of the Podcast.   He is also the creator of several other award winning, family friendly podcasts including Did This Happen? and Grant’s Advent Calendar Video Podcast.   In addition, he is a puppeteer improvisor member of the Jim Henson Company’s Puppet Up! Uncensored troupe and has hosted the show on numerous occasions.  His comedy music act, Throwing Toasters, has toured clubs and colleges across the country, played a sold out show at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, had several #1 hits on the Dr. Demento show and opened for “Weird Al” Yankovic.  For 5 years he served as an associate producer on Joel Hodgson’s Cinematic Titanic.  He can also be seen weekly as a ringside interviewer on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.  He is also the creator/owner of Saturday Morning Media, a trans-media company focused on creating quality family friendly content.

Sorta Jokey (but still true) Bio.

Grant Baciocco was born on May 20, 1974. From a young age, one of his constant companions was a little red tape recorder that his parents gave him (and which he still has). He used the tape recorder to make up stories, shows and record his parents when they were yelling at him to play back later when company was over.

He discovered Dr. Demento in 6th grade, who introduced him to the likes of “Weird Al” Yankovic, The Smothers Brothers, Tom Lehrer, Allan Sherman and his hero, Stan Freberg. He’s been lucky to do a lot in the entertainment industry from entertaining crowds aboard The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland to playing a sold out show at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

His favorite TV Show is Deadwood.
His favorite movie is Shaun Of The Dead.
His favorite food is beef brisket from Big Nate’s Barbeque in San Francisco.
He also like pro wrestling, but don’t hold that against him.