Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Turkey Day 2014

Now it can be told! In July of this year, I got to puppeteer on the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Turkey Day Special. Shout! Factory, who sponsored the marathon, has begun putting the bumpers we shot online. You can see the first one here…

And in case the credits flew by too quick, here’s a freeze frame…


Never been more proud to be a Robot Technician in my life.  And I got to work with one of my creative idols, Joel Hodgson.  It was a dream come true.

Subscribe to Shout! Factory’s MST3K YouTube Channel to catch all the bumpers as they are released.  You can also check out some behind the scenes photos on Shout! Factory’s Facebook Page.  I also puppeteered on the new MST3K Turkey Day DVD set which you can pick up by CLICKING HERE.

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