Commercial is holding a competition where the people who submit to it have to create a 30 second and 90 second commercial for In August, a director approached me and some of my friends from The Improvatorium and asked if we’d like to be in a commercial based on the show we were doing at the time called Zombiénce. We said yes.

Today the commercials hit the web! There’s two of them…

The 30 second spot (I’m not in this one) is called IRIS and you can watch it at the following link (and PLEASE, while you’re watching it rate it 5 Stars)!

You can do so once a day so PLEASE do so! Winners announced on October 18th!

If the 30 second spot gets a lot of high ratings, they will show the commercial I’m in called OPPORTUNITIES, which you can watch here!

(You can rate this one at YouTube, but only rating IRIS at counts for the competition)

Please do not hesitate to pass these on to family and friends and ask them to rate as well!

This was a great experience and I’m very proud of being asked to take part in this project!