Cinematic Titanic: Alien Factor now on DVD

The film I was really looking forward to is now here and it’s a winner.

I’m very lucky to get to work with the fine folks at Cinematic Titanic. Part of my job with them is watching the movies they riff on. Unfortunately, I watch the films BEFORE they riff on them which is sometimes quite dreary.

As I worked on the un-riffed Alien Factor, I knew I was watching something special. I thought, “This is the perfect movie to riff on.” Now it’s on DVD for all to see! With riffs! I started watching it this morning and there are so many laugh out loud moments in it. It may be my favorite episode so far.

Check out the trailer below, but before that, head on over to and pick up (or download) your copy today! And pick up the stylish Alien Factor T-Shirt too!